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I love each and every person here. Really and truly. But I’m getting a little annoyed with people flipping out when nobody talks to them right away or when nobody replies to their ooc posts. I’m not going to sit there and reply to every single one of your ooc posts. I’m not going to reblog a post from you when you don’t do the same for me. Sorry. That’s probably not the right way to handle things, but I’m just not. I put in effort and I get nothing back. Why should I reblog people’s starters when I try to put my characters out there and they don’t get the same treatment? People only bring out certain characters for certain ships and brotps anyway, so why should I put in the effort? So when people flip out about people not reblogging- welcome to my world, you know how I feel. Because some of you do the same thing to me and my less popular characters, even when I do reblog, it gets lost in the replies of OTPS and Brotps. I post a starter and no one reblogs minus one or two people that always speak to me. I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be upset, but take a look around. You’re complaining about the same exact things that you’ve been doing to other people.

So, I can’t fit this on a confession template, but I will respond to it. And I agree with everything you said. All of us are guilty of doing this, though some of us have broken out of it once or twice. All of us at some point have had starters ignored because certain people haven’t been on to reblog it and it makes me sad because that’s what kills roleplays. I hate to see people on the OOC blog complain that it’s dead when there are other people on as well, but because their characters don’t talk, they won’t make an effort. And this needs to be fixed if this place wants to make it to two years. Which is why I have a certain kind of event planned for the future which will hopefully solve this.